Community Update - April 28, 2020

Benjamin Logan School District
Year End Information
April 28, 2020

1. Instruction from now to end-of-the-year:
a) Each building will continue with their current delivery of instruction through the end of the current school year … blended approach (Google Classroom / Zoom ) with hard copies being provided to families that have requested them.  
b) Families being provided with hard copies of lessons will continue to receive them each week as well as pick up completed work.  We will continue to deliver them to your homes.
c) Last week for new lessons will be the week of May 11th
d) Final pick up day for completed hard copies as well as submission of on-line student work will be May 19th for high school students and May 21st for elementary & middle school students.
e) Elementary & Middle School fourth quarter grades will be in the format of (Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory) with the exception of current 8th grade students enrolled in high school courses.  Final grades within the elementary and middle school will be based on an average of quarters 1-2-3.  High School fourth quarter grades will remain in the same format at this time.
2. Student Pick-up of Belongings & Collection of Materials
We will be creating a rotation schedule for students for the week of May 18th to collect their personal belongings and return any school materials (Books, Chromebooks) as well as pay any school fees they may have.  There will be a schedule communicated by each building and we will follow all social distancing guidelines and ask that everyone entering buildings wear masks. 
3. Summer Learning Activities:
With students not being physically in school for a six month period of time, we will be examining ways to provide summer extension learning activities / opportunities for students & families to help keep students on target for the 2020-21 school year.
4. 4th Grade & 8th Grade Recognition Programs  
...... Are cancelled.
5. Prom
Regretfully, we will be unable to host Prom and After-Prom this year based on the directives from our governor.
6. Senior Scholarship Day
Is scheduled for Wednesday, June 3rd and will be conducted in a different format than in the past, again, due to the restrictions placed upon us at this time.  Students being recognized, will receive additional information in the mail for our guidance department. 
7. Graduation
Graduation will be held on Friday, June 26th.  Obviously we would like to maintain a traditional approach to honor our graduating seniors, however, the Ohio Department of Education has issued new guidance regarding graduation activities.  Please know that we will have a ceremony to celebrate the class of 2020.  More details regarding the format will be provided in the upcoming days. 
8. Second Harvest Food Bank
Our district will continue to host a weekly food distribution throughout the summer months.  We feel that this has been a positive way to serve our community during these difficult times.
9. Survey
We would like to obtain input from parents and students through an upcoming survey regarding remote learning by the end of May … what was successful as well as challenging.  This will allow us to prepare and plan for the upcoming school year simply because we don’t know when we may return to what we consider normal.
Take care of yourselves … we are and will always be “Raider Strong”    …. Thank You !