Benjamin Logan Local Schools
Transportation Department
Benjamin Logan Central Offices 
4740 CR 26 Bellefontaine, Ohio  43311

Welcome to the Benjamin Logan's Transportation web site.

The Benjamin Logan Local School District consists of two hundred twenty square miles and it has several small communities within its boundaries.  We currently have twenty eight bus route and drivers, which drive approximately two thousand miles a day in order to transport all of our students.

We would like to reassure every parent/guardian that each driver's main objective is to transport each student to and from school in the safest manner possible.  If a driver has a problem, whether it is mechanical or weather related, they are to take their time and make it to school safely.

All school transportation drivers are required to pass several tests.  One is a commercial driver license test, plus each driver is also required to pass a physical exam each year.  In addition, a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) background check is performed on every driver prior to being hired by the Board of Education.   Our district is required to complete semi-annual examination of each driver's personal driving record, which is required by State Law.  We want to convey to all of our parents/guardians, that our district is very proactive when it comes to the safety of our students. 

If you would have any question or concerns, please contact us at Benjamin Logan Schools 593-9211

Benjamin Logan Transportation