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Treasurer's Office

Welcome to the Benjamin Logan Local Schools Treasurer’s Department in beautiful Bellefontaine, Ohio!  Here, we pride ourselves on providing efficient and transparent financial services to support our district’s educational mission.  As stewards of public funds, we prioritize accountability and fiscal responsibility in managing the district’s resources.  Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that every dollar is utilized effectively to enhance the educational experience for our students.  Whether it’s managing budgets, processing payroll, or overseeing accounts payable, we are committed to excellence in financial management.  At Benjamin Logan Schools, we believe in fostering a culture of trust and integrity, and our Treasurer’s Department plays a vital role in upholding these values.


Leah Baker, Treasurer/CFO Benjamin Logan School District,


The Ohio Department of Education requires public school districts to file a financial 5 5-year forecast in November of every year and an updated forecast in May of every year.

5-Year Forecast    How to read a 5yr forecast


Open Bids and RFP’s